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America's #1 Scalp MicroPigmentation Training Course

This is the nation's premier SMP career training school brought to you by the world's largest SMP company, Good Look Ink. Get one-on-one training with Leah Matsch, the creator of the Good Look Ink's SMP procedure.

★ Work on live models (not fruit!)
★ One-on-one training
★ Do a full procedure from start to finish
★ Start your own lucrative SMP business

Learn More & Apply

*SMP Institute is selective and only offers training to 30 people per year

SMP Rule #1

Don’t skimp. Go with the best.

The SMP Institute delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Scalp Micropigmentation training, period. SMP customers don’t want their technicians to cut corners, and neither do we. This industry is about quality. And the SMP Institute gives you everything you need to get started on an amazing and fulfilling SMP career.


SMP Rule #2

This is for you.

The SMP Institute is the place for world-class SMP training for cosmetology professionals, tattoo artists, permanent makeup artists and estheticians around the world.


SMP Rule #3

Men & women agree.

Men spend a fortune correcting their hair loss, but did you know that up to 40% of the people who struggle with hair loss are women? SMP is the only hair loss treatment that has proven 100% successful for everyone. And it’s far less invasive—and more attractive—than other treatments.

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SMP Rule #4

It's about growth.

Even though SMP’s popularity has skyrocketed, the market is still nowhere near capacity. Getting in on the ground floor is the perfect way to grow your career.

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Why SMP Institute?

✓ Created by the world’s most successful SMP company
Technical & business training
Learn at your own pace
Access to high-quality pigments and products
Work as a GLI affiliate* when you’re done!

* The SMP Institute is affiliated with Good Look Ink, a premier SMP company offering the industry’s most reliable SMP services for over a decade. Our program includes online and hands-on training, follow-up support and a unique opportunity to become a Good Look Ink affiliate. 

"I am very happy with the SMP training I recently had. Right from anatomy of scalp, hairline designs, hand technique, live treatment observation and more, everything was explained clearly."

SMP Institute Graduate

"I attended the SMP Institute July 2018.  During the training, Leah Matsch, had me shadow her with a GLI client. The advanced training course was very useful - great tips and tricks that I had never learned previously."

SMP Institute Graduate

"I recently finished the SMP Institute at Good Look Ink in MN.  I was extremely impressed with the in depth training Leah Matsch provided.  She literally covered every aspect of scalp micropigmentation as well as giving many tricks of the trade that she has learned over the years. I highly recommend SMP Institute if you are looking for the most thorough training within the industry.  I myself have been to several other so called "SMP Training Schools" and none came even close to SMP Institute."

Bill Martin - SMP Institute Graduate

"I can’t say enough good things about my experience both before and during training with the SMP Institute. I struggled in making the decision of which company I wanted to go with but I am beyond thankful I chose them. Leah is absolutely amazing! She not only made it fun but she made sure we were well equipped with the knowledge we would need to begin this exciting new adventure...and also, have the confidence to go out and change peoples lives. She was with us each step of the way from practical to procedures. She is incredibly patient and thorough in her training and clearly knows what she is doing and passed along many tips that she has learned throughout her years of doing SMP that, in the long run, will save us time and frustration, which is exactly one of the reasons she has earned her title of being the “best of the best” in this field of work!"

SMP Institute Graduate

"The SMP Institute uses Illusion Pigments.  It is beautify pre-mixed SMP pigment and now my preferred pigment.  The headquarters where the SMP Institute is located is an incredible facility. The staff is incredibly welcoming and professional. They offer ongoing support via email, text or a phone call. Good Look Ink is the premier SMP company with a long history of success."

SMP Institute Graduate

"The SMP Institute is an extension of GLI and offers the highest, most detailed program for SMP training.  If anyone is interested in learning SMP or needs some advanced training, I would highly recommend the SMP Institute your source of SMP education. If you get lucky to be asked to be an affiliate then it is a win win situation!"

SMP Institute Graduate

"I made the money on the first day of graduation. Highly recommended. Thank you Leah, Beth, Roxanne, and Kevin."

SMP Institute Graduate - Lan Le


Average Cost of Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment


Weekly Income Based On Treatments For 2 SMP Clients


Approximate Gross Yearly Income For An  SMP Technician Before Overhead is Factored In.

SMP Courses

SMP Advanced Courses


Where are SMP Institute courses held?
Some course elements are available online. The critical hands-on training elements take place at Good Look Ink’s centrally located Minneapolis headquarters.

How long will my comprehensive SMP Institute training take?
This really depends on you. You can learn at your own pace and complete the course on your timing. The course is designed to work within your schedule.

How much does the training cost?
Each module is priced separately. You can bundle them together for a discount or take them one at a time. What ever works best for you.

Are financing options available?
Yes! Our program is highly regarded and are pleased to offer financing via our preferred lender, United Medical.  United Medical Credit works with a variety of lenders to secure the best possible rates for you. The application takes only a few minutes.

How do I become an GLI affiliate when I complete the course?
Becoming GLI Certified is rigorous, but rewarding. After completing all SMP Institute modules and demonstrating quality work, you can apply to become a GLI Affiliate. This is a great opportunity to help grow your business and affiliate with the leading SMP provider.